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Sentinel™ Senior Formula — A nutrient release formula horse feed formulated specifically for senior horses, prematurely aging horses or horses with poor teeth. Sentinel™ Senior is a highly fortified balance of nutrients and an exclusive blend of natural additives to meet the increased nutritional demands of the senior horse due to less efficient digestive and metabolic systems. This unique formulation of Sentinel™ Senior is also recommended for certain senior horses with challenged digestive and/or metabolic systems. A pressure cooked feed offers a safe and natural way to provide essential nutrition and calories to senior horses, prematurely aging horses or horses with poor teeth, and is easily digested for optimal nutrient utilization.

Immune System Support — Sentinel™ incorporates an Advanced Antioxidant Package containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Bio–available Selenium, Chelated Zinc, Copper and Manganese plus Methionine. These nutrients aid in maintaining the integrity and strength of cells and tissues in senior horses, helping to sustain health and wellness under the stresses of aging.

Strong and Healthy Tissues — Sentinel™ contains guaranteed levels of the Amino Acids Lysine, Methionine and Threonine. Amino Acids are the building blocks of quality protein necessary for maintenance of all body tissues including bone, muscle, hoof and hair in older horses. Amino acids are also important in regulating body activities and helping form antibodies that fight infections.

Body Structure and Function — Complete balanced package of macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins help build, strengthen and maintain all body tissues including bone and muscle. These nutrients also help regulate metabolic activities and help support the immune system to sustain overall health. The more biologically available chelated forms of zinc, copper and manganese plus selenium yeast ensure these nutrients reach their target tissues for enhanced function and health.

Low Starch and Sugar Ingredients — A low starch and sugar diet is often recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists for horses with a history of metabolic and digestive challenges, such as Cushing’s, insulin resistance, tying–up, DOD, EPSM, colic and laminitis.

Healthy Rate of Intake — The light and airy nature of pressure cooked feeds may facilitate the breakdown of feed for horses while encouraging slower consumption and more thorough chewing. A slower rate of intake with more complete chewing may help minimize the risk of digestive upsets, such as colic and choke.

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High Nutrient Density — Provides more actual nutrition by weight; you may feed less while delivering more of what your horse needs for optimum health and ideal body condition.

Stable Digestive Environment — Direct-fed microorganisms, yeast culture, fermentation products and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) aid in maintaining healthy digestion and active microbial fermentation for sustained nutrient digestibility, absorption and assimilation. These additives, including guarantee levels of Bacillus species, may support the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut, resulting in sustained horse health and a more stable digestive tract environment.

Built–In Fiber — Highly fermentable fiber sources such as soybean hulls, alfalfa meal, beet pulp and rice bran support healthy digestive activity while providing extra calories in a safe and natural form.

Healthy Skin and Hair Coat — Highly digestible fat from Soybean Oil and Flaxseed (sources of Omega–3 and Omega–6 fatty acids) helps provide extra calories for maintaining ideal body condition and helps promote a healthy skin and hair coat.

Brain and Visual Support — Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), an Omega–3 fatty acid, is a structural component of nerve cells in the brain and eyes and a key component of heart tissue. Studies have shown that DHA is important for mental and visual development and plays a key role in the anti–inflammatory process.

Fixed Formula — A consistent formula, bag after bag, featuring only the highest quality ingredients, to prevent sudden changes in the diet to improve digestive health and function.

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